~  Music  ~


Song cl, vc, pno. 4’

The Heartland cl, vc, pno. Three mvmnts 15' 

  1. Prairie Song

  2. A Traveler Abroad

  3. To the Races

Piano Trio  pno, cl or vln, vc 2 mvmts 12'

Solar Plexus  clarinet and piano 7'

Before too long violin and piano 5'

Freefall clarinet and piano 5'

Prelude  cb, vc, vla, vln, cl, cl gtr, pno, fl  1'30" 



Stalagmites piano

Ring of Bone flute with spoken word. 4'30 (written for Anne Dearth)

Epigram piano

Tone Row piano



Experiment 1

Children's Song


The Rumba from Introduction to The Kalifactors2001.