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Concert program (from Hear + Now) cl, vc, pn, sax, cb, dms 34’

The following are individual pieces from the Hear + Now concert program:

Introduction + Fugue 6’23”

Stalagmites 5’29”

Harmonium 9’28”

Song 8’30”

Pastoral 3’28”

Virgoing 5’30”

Red Was the Color cl, vc, pno 5’

The Heartland cl, vc, pno. Three mvmnts 15' 

Piano Trio pno, cl or vln, vc Two mvmts 12'

Solar Plexus (score) clarinet and piano 7'

Before too long violin and piano 5'

Freefall clarinet and piano 5'

Prelude cb, vc, vla, vln, cl, cl gtr, pno, fl  1'30" 



Stalagmites piano

Ring of Bone flute with spoken word. 4'30 (written for Anne Dearth)

Epigram piano

Tone Row piano



Experiment 1

Children's Song

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