Current Projects

November 28th, 2017

Faithful friends,

friday, Dec 8th at 9pm at The Owl Music Parlor! the premier of a brand new chamber piece of mine called The Heartland, a trio in three movements for clarinet, cello, and piano. followed by quartet with drums, playing the music of Thelonius Monk.

join us, i’d be delighted to have you. and come early, Kim Anderson and her band play at 8pm.

w/jeremy viner; clarinet, tara hanish; cello, zach lapidus; piano, vinnie sperazza; drums, chris; bass and compositions.


October 28th, 2017

I just got back from Vals, Switzerland, where I played a duo gig in the Alps. Life is quite simple out there.

I also saw a flock of sheep. 



July 8th, 2017

                                                       a tree

                                                       a tree

June 23rd, 2017

In a couple of short weeks I'm doing another concert of my original chamber music in Brooklyn, with the premier of a new piece and a revisit to a not so old one. I'm not actually performing on the first half (the pieces are for clarinet, cello and piano) but I'll be joining for the second (along with drums) for improvised quartet music. I enjoy placing through composed pieces of a more classical language in contrast with improvisation. I think it's cool how good they can sound together, and a bit surprising how rare a thing it is. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems the two are not often found on the same program. I hope you can join us.

(doors 7:30, July 7th at The Owl Music Parlor)

Photo, Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest

Photo, Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest

Jan 5th, 2017

This Tuesday, Jan 10th, I'm happy to announce I'll be doing a night of my own music at The Rosemont, a cocktail bar/performance venue in Williamsburg. The 1st set will feature chamber music for small ensembles, and I'm especially looking forward to the premier of my new trio for piano, cello and clarinet. The 2nd set adds bass and drums for (improvising) quartet. I'm pleased to be joined by some very fine musicians -- please see the rather dark promo photo (credit, dad) below for further info. Please join us! 



July 2nd, 2016

Here is a duet with my old friend, saxophonist Pat Wolff. 


Another recent recording was made with The Danny Fox Trio. In the quiet town of Catskill, NY, there is a studio called Old Soul, a big old house with much of the main floor converted into recording space. Our friend and engineer Tyler Wood recorded the trio to analog tape, a new experience for me in the studio. Over the course of a couple days and a couple bottles of wine I think we made a record. Stay tuned!



As far as writing chamber music, I'm currently working on a piano trio (traditional instrumentation) which has a fugue. More on this to come. 

Happy July!

                       New Recordings, Pieces and Concerts

Keep an eye out for a new quartet record I play on called Meantime, coming out on the Newvelle label. The leader of the date is the great pianist Frank Kimbrough and we recorded a lot of his beautiful, funky music over a rainy weekend last winter. Newvelle is a project of the pianist Elan Mehler in which he puts together interesting recordings that are only released on vinyl.

In other news, my friends Jesse Elder and Blanca Cecilia Gonzalez of the duo 1in2, who played so beautifully for the premier of my piece Before Too Long, play it again at The Cornelia St. Cafe October 6th, 8 pm.

                                                              Ring of Bone

Anne Dearth is an excellent flutist and interpreter of contemporary classical music. Recently, she asked if I would write a piece for solo flute incorporating spoken text and extended techniques. I said yes and proceeded to jump into the deep end of advanced flute notation. Like some Steve Lacy music written for the same poem, the piece I am writing is called Ring of Bone.          


I've also written a new piece for violin and piano! It will be premiered by the group 1in2 on September 24th on the Lower East Side in what is supposed to be a cozy little church. 1in2 is a really wonderful duo and I'm looking forward to hearing them play. This one is called Before too Long

2nd St. Cathedral. Thursday, Sept. 24th 7:30pm (doors 7) 59, East 2nd St. NY, NY

                                    The Danny Fox Trio

The DFT is the standard jazz piano trio - with a twist. We play only original compositions that focus on group interaction and improvisation. The material is collectively developed and arranged, purposefully reflecting the span of our individual influences. While the group initially stands under one name, it is truly a collective effort.     

Check out our stop-motion music video

           Sleep no More

           Sleep no More

For several years now I've played a steady gig as one of the house bassists for Sleep No More, the adventurous interactive theater production based on Shakespear's Macbeth and Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. It's fun. I've met a number of talented dancers, actors and musicians through this association.